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The Materials DX Research Center for Element Strategy (MDXES) was established in October 2022 as the successor to the former Materials Research Center for Element Strategy (MCES), where we developed many new material groups to solve resource and environmental issues. It was to develop new practical electronic functional materials only from abundant resources with high environmental friendliness, and to utilize hidden potential of elements by adopting their unique chemical states and local structures. Following these successes, MCES was reorganized into MDXES to build a MDX system that accelerates the discovery and development of new material groups by taking over the original approaches relying on individual materials design concepts. MDXES is formed by two cores. The "MDX Core" incorporates the development of the MDX system, which combines computational science and data science to develop new materials. The "Ammonia Core" develops highly efficient catalysts to lower energy and environmental load to produce energy, hydrogen, and chemical products.

We will continue to contribute to society through the development and implementation of ‘real new’ materials. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Toshio Kamiya, Director